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You have reached one of the largest collections of .ocx files available on the internet. Each and every file on this site is available for free download without any personal information required from you, the visitor.

Windows .ocx files cause numerous errors when missing or damaged. Doesn't it make sense that these errors be fixed as cheaply and easily as possible? OcxDump makes it as easy as 1-2-3!

 1. At the top of this page, there are organized tabs for all of the .ocx files our site offers to download. Click on the lettered tab that would hold the ocx file you are looking for. (You can also search our site at the top of the page.)  

  2. Browse the list of .ocx files we offer that begin with the letter you chose. More than likely, your file will be included in the list. If it is not, please post a request for the .ocx file on our Forum. We will try our best to locate the .ocx file that you are looking for and add it to our database. 

  3. To begin the free .ocx download, click on the filename that you need. You will be taken to the download page. Click on the download link and your file will begin downloading immediately. If it does not try right clicking and selecting "Save Target As..." For complete install instructions, please visit our FAQ/Support section.


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